Wilton planners OK gas tank job, schedule affordable hearing

WILTON — At its meeting on July 27, the Planning and Zoning Commission dealt with a number of issues, including replacement of fuel tanks at a gas station and scheduling three public hearings, one for an apartment building with affordable units.

The evening opened opened with a public hearing for proposed amendments to the zoning code that would allow as a permitted accessory use continuation of outdoor dining until Dec. 1 in the following zones: Wilton Center, design retail business, and general business.

With no public comment and more work to be done on the amendment language, the hearing was continued to the next meeting in September. Public comment on this issue may be emailed to Planning Director Michael Wrinn at Michael.Wrinn@Wiltonct.org.

“I don’t think this executive order is going anywhere anytime soon,” Chairman Richard Tomasetti said.

The commission then took up a request from Consumer Petroleum to replace its underground fuel storage tanks at the Wheels gas station at 386 Danbury Road.

Mark Smith, an engineer representing the company, explained how the fuel storage tanks need to be replaced. While that is being done, the fuel pumps and convenience store would be closed.

The commission approved the project, which may move forward effective July 31.


The commission also accepted three new applications.

The first was for Three Hubbard Rd., LLC, which is a site development plan to build a 17-unit apartment building at 3 Hubbard Road. The three-story structure would include 3 three-bedroom apartments and 14 two-bedroom apartments. A public hearing was scheduled for Sept. 14.

The second application was for 962 Danbury Realty LLC, 962 Danbury Rd. & 10 N. Main St., which is requesting a change of zone for a 0.834-acre portion from R-1A to general business. A public hearing was scheduled for Sept. 14.

The third application was for 962 Danbury Realty LLC, 962 Danbury Rd. & 10 N. Main St., that would include an expansion of parking and auto storage lots. This public hearing was also scheduled for Sept. 14.

The subcommittee that is looking into updating Wilton’s zoning regulations briefly mentioned its first meeting that took place on July 22. The subcommittee is focusing on the Route 7 corridor from the border with Norwalk north.

The next meeting for the subcommittee will be on Aug. 19.