WILTON — A parade of emergency vehicles on May 27 in Wilton honored all front-line staff, healthcare workers, and emergency personnel at Wilton Meadows Healthcare.

The “Heroes Parade” procession of police cruisers and fire trucks traveled from the Allen’s Meadow parking lot to Wilton Meadows, where healthcare workers wearing scrubs and face masks clapped and waved.

Even residents at the healthcare facility came outside with nurses and watched the parade as well.

About a dozen vehicles (not including emergency vehicles) participated. Some of the vehicles included Meadows Healthcare works such as Administrator Ellen Casey and Jessica Cioffi who is the facilities therapeutic recreation director. Other drivers included members of the Facebook group “Wilton Birthday Parades.”

“I really hope everyone felt appreciated with this parade,” said Cioffi.

Cioffi said the idea for having a parade around the facility’s parking lot originally came from Casey. “I can’t take credit for this since Ellen came up with it to start with,” Cioffi said.

Casey wanted to create a special time where the healthcare workers would be honored for what they do everyday.

“We are truly grateful for what they do, and appreciate the sacrifice that they make everyday,” said Casey.

Every day healthcare workers risk themselves coming into Wilton Meadows due to the coronavirus outbreak, because in certain times anything can happen.

“The workers have the fear that they may bring the virus home to their families,” said Casey.

The parade may have only lasted a few minutes, but it brought much joy to the staff and the residents. Many were clapping and waving as the cars came through honking their horns at all the spectators.

Wilton resident Kara Berghaus was quite pleased with the turnout at the parade.

Normally it is a family of four for Berghaus but for that day, it was just her and her son Kevin, who will be graduating from the fifth grade. Kevin was excited as he sat in the back seat with a megaphone.

“It warmed our hearts to be a part of this tribute to the healthcare workers,” Berghaus said.

She was part of the crowd representing the Birthday Parade group.

The Wilton Birthday Parade group on Facebook has created such a stir in town that many birthday parades have been popping up all over. There was another parade at the healthcare campus last month to celebrate the 100th birthday of Greens at Cannondale resident William Dunlap.

The group feels that parades have given such joy during this time of quarantine and that coming together makes a difference for their community. With the parades they feel it’s wonderful to see each other from a safe distance.

When the group learned of the Heroes Parade, they just knew they had to participate in the joy to all fron-tline workers.

Brian Lauro, a Fairfield resident arrived in his car with his wife to support the parade. Lauro’s wife’s mother was at the facility at one point.

“We’re ready, man, for this parade and all festive,” he said.