Wilton officials: 'Art House' proposal a model for affordable housing projects

WILTON — The Planning and Zoning Commission wants to move forward with a proposal to repurpose 2 Hollyhock Road, which is known as “Art House,” as an apartment complex containing six affordable housing units.

At the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Monday, the building’s owner, Gregory Clark, presented updates about exterior lighting and parking planned for the development.

Clark outlined the latest developments, which included an in-depth light study of the property and the addition of walkways connecting the building with sidewalks along Route 7.

Commissioner Florence Johnson praised the addition of the walkways, saying she was “happy to see the connectivity to the sidewalks and the roadways” and other parking areas.

“That all looks good to me,” Johnson said.

Commission Vice Chairman Rick Tomasetti said he hoped more 8-30g proposals would be planned out like this one.

Commissioner Melissa-Jean Rotini praised the project and the building owner.

“I think he also took pride in providing amenities for the residents. (This) was well thought-out. It is a very nice project,” Rotini said. “This is a nice representation of what an 8-30g (proposal) could be.”

The commission moved for Town Planner Michael Wrinn to write up a proposal that would be reviewed.