WILTON — During the coronavirus pandemic, medical professionals are working around the clock in the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room at Norwalk Hospital.

To thank them for all they are doing to help patients with the virus, residents on Chestnut Hill Road treated the workers to a pizza dinner.

Wendy Murphy, a Chestnut Hill neighbor, took up a collection through text messages from residents along the road and collectively they bought 35 meals from Wilton Pizza that were delivered to the hospital.

“Matt Criscuolo, the owner of Wilton Pizza was terrific, he set up the order and helped organize the delivery,” Murphy said.

With everyone sheltering in place and staying at home, buying meals for hospital workers gave the neighbors something positive to do, Murphy said.

“Everyone was happy to be able do something at this time. People at the hospital do so much, and they work 13-hour shifts. It felt good to provide them with a meal they didn’t have to prepare themselves,” Murphy said.