NORWALK - A 32-year-old Wilton man has been arrested in incident last year in which he is accused of sexually touching a woman against her will.

Lt. Jared Zwickler said in a release that in November 2019 a victim contacted police stating that she was assaulted by Michael Crittenden.

“During a car ride, Crittiden touched the victim sexually against her will while inside of a vehicle.

“The victim told Crittenden to get out of the car and as he exited, he then pulled his penis out of his pants and waved it around calling her names,” according to the release.

“During the incident, Crittiden was on the property of Roodner Court Housing, where he is prohibited from being.

“The Detective Bureau began investigating this incident and obtained an arrest warrant for Crittenden.

On Sunday, Crittenden, who lives on Village Court in Wilton, was arrested on charges of fourth-degree sexual assault, public indecency and first degree criminal trespass.

He was held on $20,000 bond and was given a June 26 court date.