Republican team

As a Wilton resident who has served on the Board of Ed, Board of Selectman and in the State House and Senate, I have worked with many great candidates on both sides of the aisle. But, it is vital that voters choose those who will most serve your needs best on Nov. 5. The Republican team led by Lynne Vanderslice all deserve your vote.

They are fiscally responsible and socially inclusive and will protect Wilton from Hartford policies that have threatened our schools, seniors and businesses. No matter your views at the national level, join me in voting for these dedicated local candidates on Nov. 5.

Toni Boucher

First Selectman

I am an unaffiliated voter. I will again be voting for Lynne Vanderslice for first selectwoman. Lynne has delivered on the vision she promised: reduced costs, shared employees and services with BOE, economic development, including diverse housing options and integrating the river into Wilton Center.

Loss of high paying jobs has hurt home values, yet Lynne’s leadership of town employees and the Board of Selectmen have meant improvements and safeguarding of what makes Wilton unique, affordable and attractive to perspective home buyers.

Keep this successful Board of Selectmen intact and return Lynne as First Selectwoman.

Linda Casey Abou-Sabh

Vote Deb McFadden for first selectwoman. She brings what Wilton needs now — inclusivity and transparency in our government. She’ll work across the aisle to open communication and trust.

Deb’s vision is for Wilton to be a destination spot. She’ll work with existing businesses to understand their needs and encourage new businesses to come. She wants young families to settle here and older folks to stay and use existing amenities.

Deb and Jack McFadden have lived in Wilton 21 years. They raised children here and participated in many organizations. Deb understands administration and knows how to get the job done.

Lorie Paulson

Next month’s municipal election concerns the management of Wilton’s town government. Lynne Vanderslice has demonstrated during her first term that she has the strategic management and controllership experience and skills to manage town government very competently.

During Lynne’s second term, she will continue efforts to further streamline town government, including through shared services with other municipalities, promote prudent investment in infrastructure with an effort to minimize new debt and encourage appropriate economic development,

I urge you to join me in voting for Lynne Vanderslice for First Selectwoman.

Charles K. Wessendorf

Board of Finance

Who else has the judgment and experience for a member of the Board off Finance than Mike Kaelin. First, he has actually proven himself as a selectman. When Mike speaks at a meeting, people pay attention. That is not meant to be a throwaway line. Mike has a way of framing the issues and his positions that is illuminating and non-confrontational. I believe these are valuable skills for anyone on any Town board. His knowledge, reasoning and willingness to hear all opinions is the type of person Wilton needs on the Board.

Bob Sabo

We are great admirers of Mike Kaelin. We’ve voted for him when he was a Republican and would gladly vote for him as the Democrat he now is because in Wilton politics, the person is far more important than the party affiliation. Mike knows our town intimately and cares about it passionately. His service has spanned Charter Commission to Board of Selectmen to presidency of the Wilton Library Association. His knowledge and intelligence — and most of all, his character — mean that he brings wisdom, insight and integrity to decision-making, and that’s a winning combination for all of us.

Steve & Becky Hudspeth

The Board of Finance in Wilton faces tough decisions, and Jung Soo Kim has the education and experience to guide our town. In this cycle of fragile property values and rising costs she embodies the fundamental principles that have always contributed to Wilton’s success. She believes in support for our schools and sound fiscal governance understanding the need to maintain quality — even when that requires tough decisions. She is dedicated to open and transparent discussions and will avoid the last minute budget surprises of the past. I endorse Jung Soo Kim, Democrat, for the Board of Finance.

Ken Hoffman