To the Editors:

This is an off-cycle election for Wilton this year. No national or state elections are on our ballot. That could suggest a low turnout, hopefully not. This year’s elections are all about Wilton, your town, your government, your schools, your quality of life. Voting is critical.

This is not the typical endorsement letter about a candidate. Sure, I am an engaged voter and will make appropriate choices.

What is this election? It is not about Washington. It is not about Hartford. It is not just about party — GOP, Dem, or Unaffiliated. It is about Wilton.

I think we can all agree that we all desire a few good things:

 Quality schools.

 Cost-efficient government.

 Lower taxes.

This is the essence of a quality life in Wilton. To do that we need the best of candidates elected to the many positions open this year.

Vote and know our candidates.

 Do they focus on the three needs above?

 Do they have the experiences to deliver on them?

 Do they have the principles and drive about them?

 Can they improve the town’s economic development?

 Can they find the tax solutions desired?

Know the candidates; know the goals and which have been previously delivered. Do not vote blindly on party lines. Vote for results. We are not the mess in Washington; we are not the cost crisis in Hartford. We are Wilton—and our choices are to be Wilton as we have been. Do vote.

Don Sauvigne

Wilton, Sept. 16