Wilton letter: Regulate people, not guns

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Wilton Bulletin.

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Wilton Bulletin.

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To the Editors:

There’s a lot of talk about leaving guns out of the death-by-shooting conversation, talk that would have us, instead, focus on the mental health of everyone before we all become shooters. (Restricting gun access is no answer to violence, Wilton Bulletin, Aug. 26, 2019). So, let’s start there and understand that we’re certainly going to need some heft to enforce national mental health standards, such that everyone is deemed mentally fit to have guns, thus, avoiding any danger to the Second Amendment.

A 28th Amendment should do it, one that would let us carefully sift through the 327 million of us to separate the merely wacky and sniff out all the potential shooters before they can act.

Now, this is only a first attempt, so if you want to offer better wording to help a well-armed militia yank us unregulated people off the street before we get crazy, jump right in.

Here we go, a 28th Amendment: “The authority of federally mandated mental health agencies to access our privacy, and scrutinize and sequester our individuality shall not be infringed.”

I’m afraid an effective 28th is going to need full psychiatric enforcement to quell the inevitable, liberal pushback. The upside for society though, is that once the mental state of every citizen is well regulated, the free state of the Second Amendment will be secure. Meanwhile, us oddballs will be domiciled in a rubber room. Chances are, we’ll no be longer piping up about regulating guns.

Brooks Garis

Wilton, Sept. 2