Wilton letter: No conflict of interest with Clune

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Wilton Bulletin.

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Wilton Bulletin.

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To the Editors:

I have been prompted to write by a letter published in Aug. 29th’s Bulletin.

Dave Clune represents all that is good in Wilton. Dave, along with his father, Dr. David Clune, and their family, have given their time and selfless energy over the years to make Wilton a better place for all to live.

As our Second Selectman, Dave Clune is not affiliated or registered with any political party, allowing himself the ability to vote on the issues, not along party lines. We need more people with this attitude and perspective.

Dave Clune, a lifelong resident, has served Wilton in countless ways, all the way back to high school, volunteering as an EMT with the Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps. After getting married, Dave Clune decided to return to Wilton to raise his family here. After a three-hour daily commute to and from NYC, most people would go home and fall asleep in front of Netflix. Not Dave Clune. You can find him late in a meeting at town hall or Comstock, volunteering his time on one of several committees. You will also see him on the sidelines cheering on his kids, and running with his family in one of our town’s many 5K fundraisers.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave, along with JR Sherman, for three years as we founded the Wilton Athletic & Recreation Foundation, helping to offset the town’s long-term costs to maintaining our turf fields.

Ambler Farm is one of our town’s greatest assets. Without the passionate efforts of countless people, I can only imagine what Ambler Farm would be: another Avalon, a private country club, or yet another retirement home. Not very sensible, Wilton.

Instead of being sold off, bulldozed, and subdivided, Ambler Farm stands tall as a beautiful centerpiece of our great town, open year-round for all to enjoy, and giving back to our community in endless ways. I’m pretty sure that’s what Mrs. Ambler had in mind for her family’s farm.

While others complain about all that is wrong with Wilton, the Clune family actually spends time, effort, and energy working to help make things right. As a 23-year resident of this town, I will be voting for Dave Clune this November.

David Cote

Wilton, Sept. 2