To the Editors:

I respect Toni Boucher but she’s really got it wrong about gun laws (Letter to the Editors, “Congress, take a look at our gun laws,” Aug. 15). Those who are mentally ill are the ones who have carried out these horrific mass shootings and, to put a stop to these shootings, we ought to be looking at this problem as a public health issue and take adequate measures to stop these mentally ill persons before they turn to violence.

Passing tougher gun laws on top of what she describes as “one of the ‘toughest’ gun laws in the country” is only a “feel-good” measure. It won’t prevent mass shootings or gun violence by those who have no regard for the law. Tougher gun laws will only further penalize law-abiding, responsible gun owners who use guns for sport, hunting, self-defense, and other legitimate uses.

Carlton Chen

Wilton, Aug. 21