Wilton letter: Clune is outstanding servant to town

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Wilton Bulletin.

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Wilton Bulletin.

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To the Editors:

Dave Clune has been an outstanding selectman. As I indicated when I nominated him for second selectman, Dave’s commitment to the position and the town’s best interest were unequaled.

Therefore, it was very disappointing to see the Bulletin publish a misleading and disparaging letter by a resident who has been a vocal, long-time opponent of Ambler Farm and Friends of Ambler Farm, of which Dave’s wife is the executive director.

Being the longest-serving newspaper in town, I would expect the Bulletin knows that the Elizabeth Raymond Amber Trust, which has three trustees, was not set up to support the farm. But rather to: (1) provide high school graduates with four-year need-based college or technical school scholarships; and (2) provide grants for municipal, religious, charitable, benevolent or educational organizations or corporations. The trust held and still holds a number of properties, but Ambler Farm is not one of them.

Long-time, well-respected town resident and former town counsel, Tom Adams, a trustee since 2004, selected Dave to be appointed as his successor trustee. The Bulletin did note Dave had only been a trustee since 2016, but provided no further clarification. Dave has properly disclosed his relationship to Ambler and recused himself, as is required by the town’s code of ethics.

Despite new ownership, the Wilton Bulletin is better than allowing the disparagement of Tom Adams, Dr. David Clune, former St. Mathews’ rector Rev. William Sachs and Dave Clune, without verifying the content.

During this election season and always, I encourage residents to get the facts. If something doesn’t add up or seems inconsistent with the person you know, speak to them.

I will be voting for Dave Clune because he is an effective second selectman, who works hard for the betterment of Wilton.

Lynne Vanderslice

Wilton, Sept. 2