Wilton letter: Clune has conflicts of interest

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Wilton Bulletin.

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Wilton Bulletin.

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To the Editors:

Dave Clune represents a glaring conflict of interest in Wilton government.

Dave, along with his father, Dr. David Clune, each collect $36,000 per year as trustees of the Betty Ambler Trust. I believe this to be an egregious amount of money paid out to two family members

In fact, since 2004, the trust has distributed $3,843,000 to nonprofits and scholarships. But the trust has paid three trustees $1,487,000. Would Betty Ambler have approved of paying individual trustees 39 percent of all distributed funds, rather than having the money go to needy nonprofits and students?

Dave Clune is also married to Robin Clune, executive director of Ambler Farm, owned and governed by the Town of Wilton. Robin Clune, claiming financial hardship, was successful this year at having Wilton Planning and Zoning lift restrictions for raising money through public events at the farm.

With Ambler Farm as a town-owned property and Dave as second selectman of the town, and as a trustee of the Elizabeth Raymond Ambler Trust, he should ensure that support to the farm in her memory be a key priority. It would appear that Dave has at least two conflicts of interest in supporting changes to the farm that Elizabeth loved.

I believe that Wilton voters want ethics, integrity and transparency in government. It would be advisable for the citizens of Wilton to sit up and take notice of how these expectations are not being met. As a 30-year resident of this town, I will not be voting for Dave Clune.

Michele Dunn

Wilton, Aug. 26

(Editors’ Note: Selectman Dave Clune has been a trustee with the Elizabeth Raymond Ambler Trust since 2016.)