WILTON — Nearly all kindergarten and first-grade students returned to Miller-Driscoll on Monday, Oct. 5, as the school transitioned to full in-person learning for the first time since schools closed for the COVID-19 pandemic in March. Second-grade students will return Monday, Oct. 12.

“It went really well,” principal Kathryn Coon said. “Drop-off went smoothly … parents stuck to their drop-off times and loops.” She was speaking before dismissal, which she said would be the next big test.

As for the students, they “settled in nicely,” she said, adding “the kids are so excited and the kids who got new classrooms were also excited.”

The entire staff was either outside or in the hallways to help students who may have needed some direction, but the kids seemed to take it all in stride.

“They’re little but they’re flexible and go with the flow,” Coon said.

When the students arrived in their classrooms, sneeze guards were on every desk. No class has more than 19 students, so there was more than three feet between desks and for classes with work stations, there was more room.

The number of students who are remote only is in the low 20s for kindergarten and low 30s for first grade, although that number will fluctuate, Coon said, depending on how many children might be quarantining for one reason or another.

Each grade level of remote students has one classroom teacher, one humanities and one math teacher.

“The three work as a team for that remote class,” she said. In the actual classrooms, teachers work only with the students in class. There is no mixing of remote and in-school students because, for that age, it is just too difficult, Coon said.

For art, library and music the teachers visit each classroom. The only time children leave the classroom is for gym, which has mostly been held outdoors, Coon said. The only space not used in school on a regular basis is the large cafeteria, which is a flex space to be used when needed.

Coon wanted to recognized the teachers, who she described as “amazing.”

“They’ve gone through a lot of changes this year and they’re getting ready for the next change and the next model,” she said. “They’ve been remarkable.”