WILTON — As happened for the month of April, the state has once again failed to report accurate unemployment numbers for the month of May.

The numbers, which were reported June 19, show Wilton with an unemployment rate of 6.4 percent. This is inaccurate because Wilton’s labor force is off by more than 900 people.

In March, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Wilton’s unemployment rate was 3 percent, based on 252 people listed as unemployed out of a workforce of 8,374.

The state’s numbers for May show Wilton’s workforce totaling just 7,466.

A similar problem showed up in April when the workforce was counted as 7,444.

As it did last month, the state issued a disclaimer with its report saying, “Connecticut’s official unemployment rate for May … continues to be impacted by pandemic related survey data problems. Data collection and misclassification issues … caused residential unemployment to be severely underestimated. Connecticut’s official unemployment rate is not accurate.”

Claims for unemployment benefits by Wilton residents totaled 659 as of May 17, the last date for which the state said data was complete.

Using that number and the March labor force number, Wilton’s unemployment rate would be closer to 8 percent.

The number of benefits being paid as of May 31, which the state could not verify, is listed as 570, showing a decline from 719 claims processed as of May 3, the highest for the month.

As for initial claims for unemployment benefits filed by Wilton residents, the last verifiable number is 48 as of May 17. That is down from a high of 106 on April 26. Unverified numbers show a continued decline of:

 39 as of May 24.

 34 as of May 31.

 1 as of June 7.

Those numbers could change when the next report is issued.