WILTON — The number of COVID-19 cases reported in Wilton is starting to rise daily. Four new cases of COVID were reported on Tuesday, Nov. 3, bringing the total to 26 in the past four days, and 34 in the past eight.

There were 56 cases reported in Wilton from Oct. 1 through Nov. 3, more than triple the entire month of September, which had 16 reported cases.

In a message on the town’s website, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice gave a breakdown by age of the 34 cases of COVID-19 reported in Wilton over the last eight days:

Under age 20: 4%

20-29: 29%

30-39: 7%

40-49: 7%

50-59: 21%

60-69: 18%

70-79: 4%

80+: 11%

“Daily positive rates and rapid increases in hospitalizations are warnings that we all need to return to the diligence practiced before the start of the summer,” Vanderslice said. “Our health department is monitoring positive cases, a good number of residents in quarantine because of exposure and increasing cases in one of our senior living facilities. Coronavirus activity in Wilton continues to increase.”

Wilton remains on a “Yellow Alert” designation by the state, which labels towns which report five to nine daily cases per 100,000 population as “yellow.”

There have been a total of 320 reported cases of COVID-19 in Wilton since the onset of the pandemic, 113 additional since June 16, when Phase 2 reopening was implemented, and 120 since May 19, the beginning of Phase 1. The town has a total of 42 reported COVID-related deaths.

Statewide, as of Nov. 2, there were 74,843 total reported cases of COVID, with 381 patients currently hospitalized for the virus, and 4,635 total deaths.