WILTON — What is Rising Starr? The horse rescue effort based in Wilton is introducing itself in a social media splash launched with a premiere party on Sept. 23.

A video, “Who we are at Rising Starr,” is a virtual look at what the organization is and how it rescues horses destined for the slaughterhouse. It features founder Kelly Stackpole and former Miss Teen USA 2015 and horse lover Savannah Giammarco introducing some of the rescued horses and how the community can help financially. The video may be viewed on the Rising Starr’s Facebook page and Instagram channel.

Rising Starr is a private stable and horse rescue operation which moved earlier this year from Redding to Silver Spring Road. Here, abandoned, neglected or abused horses are saved, rehabilitated, retrained and put up for adoption to new homes where they can live out their lives.

About a dozen horses and ponies — many of whom are rescues up for adoption — are stabled at the barn. They participate in a robust outreach program of riding lessons, and team-building, youth and school programs. The barn also has boarders and horses available for lease.

All of this is overseen by Stackpole with the help of numerous volunteers who not only care for the horses but assist in educating people about at-risk horses and why it is important to protect them.

“The volunteers are our lifeblood,” Stackpole said earlier this year. “The more people that work with a horse, the more people they trust.”

About 110,000 horses go to slaughterhouses each year, Stackpole said. In addition to rescuing a few horses from that fate, Rising Starr has given a home to horses their owners simply had no further use for.

“The horses that were neglected … they’ll come around. The animals that were abused, it’s amazing to see the forgiveness they have for humans,” she said.

To help support the organization, Rising Starr is presenting a “10 Mile Hoof It” virtual fundraiser, Oct. 1-31. Participants may choose any activity for 10 miles, all at once or divided up throughout the month, and raise money with either a flat donation or per mile. Participants may go solo or form a team.

Questions may be emailed to rshr.events@gmail.com. Registration is online at risingstarrhorserescue.org.