Wilton has least-used commuter lot in area

According to South Western Regional Planning Agency’s most recent Commuter Lot Inventory report: Lot 8 at the intersection of Danbury and Wolfpit roads in Wilton is the least used of southwestern Connecticut’s eight commuter lots.

The agency’s fall 2013 report includes a count of utilized and available parking spaces from fieldwork conducted on Oct. 22, 2013.

Wilton’s Lot 8 is the only commuter lot not adjacent to a limited-access highway. On the day of the inventory, a Tuesday, only seven out of the 48 parking spaces were occupied, resulting in a usage rate of 14.6% — the lowest of the eight commuter lots. This rate reflects a continued decrease in use as compared to 2011.

The lot with the greatest usage was in Norwalk on Hendricks Avenue at I-95 where cars were actually parked in areas that were not spaces. That lot has 34 spaces. The lot with the greatest capacity — 93 spaces — is at Exit 41 south of the Merritt Parkway in Westport. It had a usage rate of 82.9%.

According to the report, the Wilton lot has signs in need of replacement, including:

• The “faded and difficult to read” northbound facing park and ride sign;

• One of the two handicap signs that was “oriented sideways;”

• A sign warning commuters to park at their own risk.

Lot 8 also needs a “no littering” sign.

The litter at the edges of the lot was not the only issue noted by the South Western Regional Planning Agency  —  a large truck was also seen idling at the southwest corner of the lot, despite a sign prohibiting commercial vehicles.

On the plus side, the agency reported the Wilton lot’s pavement is in good overall condition and — other than a recent asphalt patch in the middle — the spaces are clearly marked.

Link to the report at swrpa.org.