An issue that came before the Planning and Zoning Commission during its public hearing July 18 for the Plan of Conservation and Development was guard rails, like the one here on Wild Duck Road and another on Woods End Drive. Two residents complained the new guard rails that were recently installed are like those on “every highway” and detract from the rural atmosphere.

“There’s a better way to incorporate beauty and safety,” said resident Pat Walsh, who brought up the guard rail on Wild Duck.

Roxanne Witke of Woods End Drive said she was concerned about keeping the rural aspects of town, which she feared were being lost.

“I am acutely concerned with what [Walsh] referred to, extracting the old wooden posts that were chained together that have been in my neighborhood as long as I’ve been here which is 21 years,” she said. “The result is atrocious. … How would we have known about this without being asked our opinion?”

Commission Chairman Scott Lawrence said the POCD did not get into that level of specificity and suggested the residents contact the Department of Public Works or the Board of Selectmen.