Wilton game creator brings pizza to food insecure

WILTON — On the cold and snowy Sunday afternoon of Dec. 20, Wilton’s CategoryTen founder Shahan Islam traveled to Bridgeport’s John Street Bridge with 200 slices of pizza, joining other organizations and individuals who bring food and clothing to the weekly gathering place of the homeless, hungry and food insecure.

CategoryTen has been working with Helping Hands of Bridgeport, which has been assisting those on John Street for many years. Helping Hands is a beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from sales of CategoryTen’s board game, Covidopoly 19.

“These days, with the pandemic we are seeing not only the homeless but also many who have recently lost their jobs and are food insecure” said April Barron of Helping Hands.

In discussions between Barron and Islam about how to help just before the Christmas holiday, the topic turned to pizza, which Barron said would be a particularly special treat, one which has not been brought to John Street since the summer.

“Hearing that made me realize even more how privileged we are,” Islam said. “For us, pizza is a snack or a cheap meal. For them, it is an amazing treat. Sure enough, the pizza went like that!

“At the end of the day, it is a drop in the bucket,” Islam said. “These are tough times and we are glad to help.”

Covidopoly 19 is sold online at categoryten.com and covidopoly19.com.