WILTON — The Board of Finance expects to meet in an executive session Tuesday, Sept. 8, to consider several candidates for a vacancy created by the resignation last month of Peter Balderston.

The candidates are: Richard Alan Rosenthal, Robert Gibney, Bruce Martin, Tamara Conway, Jung Soo Kim, Perry H. Beaumont, John Ragazzini and John Macken.

The board expects to meet again on Thursday, Sept. 10, at 7 p.m., to interview four more candidates: Simon Wong, Frank Bria, Daniel Hickey, and Jed Englund.

Jung Soo Kim ran unsuccessfully for the board on the Democratic ticket in 2019.

According to the Town Charter, the vacancy is to be filled by the remaining members of the board within 30 days of Balderston’s resignation, which was Aug. 18. If they fail to do so, it then goes to the Board of Selectmen to fill it.

The new member will serve until the next town-wide election in November 2021. At that time they, or any other candidate, may run for the remaining two years of Balderston’s term, according to Jeff Rutishauser, finance board chair.

The Board now consists of two Republicans — Rutishauser and Stewart Koenigsberg — two Democrats — Michael Kaelin and Kevin Gardner — and Chris Stroup, who is unaffiliated. Since the majority party limitation rules (four maximum from a majority party) do not apply, the person appointed to Balderston’s seat could be a Democrat, Republican or non-affiliated, Rutishauser said.

Patricia Gay contributed to this story.