Wilton finance board member resigns, leaves CT

WILTON — An educational fiscal watchdog has resigned from the Board of Finance and is headed out west.

Peter Balderston, 62, a Republican, resigned from the finance board on Tuesday, Aug. 18, according to board chair Jeff Rutishauser.

Balderston sold his home, Rutishauser said, and is moving to Wyoming and building a house there for his retirement.

“Peter was a dedicated Board of Finance member for the past five years, making major contributions towards maintaining fiscal responsibility for Wilton. While we wish him well as he moves to Wyoming, we will miss him and his many contributions to Wilton’s Board of Finance,” Rutishauser said.

Balderston served on a joint Board of Finance - Board of Education subcommittee, working with school management on improving business planning and financial management.

He was known for scrutinizing the school budget for cost savings and efficiencies. “We need to tighten our belt where we can to save money. We need to differentiate what is nice to have and what we must have,” Balderston said during his 2019 reelection campaign.

His priority, he said last fall, “is to continue improving Wilton’s schools and quality of life at a cost that residents can afford, now and in the future.”

Balderston lived in Wilton for nearly 30 years. He had 35 years of financial work experience with firms such as JP Morgan and GenSpring Family Offices.

The replacement process for Balderston’s seat on the finance board is laid out in the Town Charter, said Rutishauser. It says the vacancy shall be filled by the remaining members of the board. If the members do not fill the vacancy within 30 days, the Board of Selectmen shall fill the vacancy.

The term of the appointment will only be until the next town-wide election in November 2021, according to Rutishauser, when that appointed person, or any other candidate, can run for the remaining two years of Balderston’s term.

Since there are now two Republicans and three Democrats on the finance board after Balderston’s resignation, the majority party limitation rules (four maximum from a majority party) do not apply so the person appointed to Balderston’s seat could be a Democrat, Republican or non-affiliated, Rutishauser said.

Editor’s Note: The replacement process for the finance board’s vacancy was clarified and updated.