Wilton endorsement letters — first selectman, selectmen, finance, P&Z

These political endorsement letters appeared in this week’s Bulletin. Letters are accepted from Wilton residents only. They may be no longer than 100 words and should arrive by noon on Monday for the next issue. Email to editor@wiltonbulletin.com.

These political endorsement letters appeared in this week’s Bulletin. Letters are accepted from Wilton residents only. They may be no longer than 100 words and should arrive by noon on Monday for the next issue. Email to editor@wiltonbulletin.com.

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First Selectman

It is time for new leadership at Town Hall and Deb McFadden is exactly what Wilton now needs in its top leadership position.

Deb’s successful experience at the state and local level have consistently demonstrated her skill as a community builder who can help bring people together, unite the town and move Wilton forward.

Having watched and worked directly with Deb over many years, I am confident she brings the vision, skills and leadership style required at this difficult and challenging time.

I urge Wilton voters to elect Deb McFadden as First Selectwoman, and to elect the entire Democratic team.

Richard J. Dubow

Board of Selectmen

We’re lucky to have a candidate for the Board of Selectman like Ceci Maher. Ceci knows our town. As chair of Person to Person, and before that a board member of ABC (A Better Chance), she knows how to rally one part of the community to help another. She is a fundraiser, a manager, an agent of change. Most of all, she never forgets what Wilton offers, and clearly doesn’t buy into the negativity that simply causes us to point fingers. She is one of the most competent, collaborative and positive people I know. Ceci Maher for BOS.

Bob Carney

A great advantage of living in a town like Wilton is the opportunity to meet the volunteers, appointed and elected officials who are the bedrock of any community. Ceci Maher is certainly one of those people. She has lived in Wilton for over 30 years, raising a family and always participating in activities that make Wilton great. And her experience is unmatched by anyone running for elected office. In fact, if you were to write a job description for Board of Selectmen, it would look a lot like her resume. She has the experience, wisdom and judgment required for the job.

Bob Sabo

I intend to vote for Ross Tartell for selectman and I hope you will too. His proven track record of working effectively and collaboratively on boards, combined with his deep knowledge of the town and how it works makes him a uniquely qualified candidate. The Board of Selectmen is going to face some big issues like controlling costs by regionalization of services and generating economic activity to increase the grand list. Ross’s non-partisan and creative problem-solving approach will be an asset to the Board. Vote Ross for Board of Selectman on Nov. 5.

Margaret Creeth

Board of Finance

During his previous 10 years on Wilton’s Board of Finance, Warren Serenbetz served as a consensus builder, working in a non-partisan way to ensure the BOF listened to the Boards of Selectmen and Education, and voters to arrive at an agreement among all BOF members of the appropriate spending level and the resulting tax level. During his tenure, the board began televising its meetings, enhanced public comment to public participation, improved elderly tax relief, and initiated three-year budget planning. Please join me in voting for Warren Serenbetz for the Board of Finance on Nov. 5.

Rob Kyle

Jung-Soo Kim brings many perspectives to the Board of Finance that have historically been underrepresented — as a working mother of school kids, a minority, a female, someone who understands the needs of the aging population (her in-laws live in town), and someone who has lived here long enough to have witnessed change. Her organized approach towards collecting facts will ensure that the board is presented with a rational analysis of any issue. She is rarely intimidated by vocal individuals, and will be effective at making her points known.

Please join me in supporting Jung-Soo Kim for Board of Finance.

Vivian Lee-Shiue

Please vote for the Democratic slate of carefully chosen and vetted Wiltonians who are dedicated to leading the town over the next four years.

But be sure to vote for the Democratic Board of Finance candidates. Mike Kaelin and Chris Stroup have experience on major boards. Kevin Gardiner has shown proven results as vice chair of the Energy Commission. Jung Soo Kim is the ideal Board of Finance member. She is the young working mother, with children in Wilton schools, who has a business-related master’s degree whom I have always thought should have a voice on the Board of Finance.

John Kalamarides

I am endorsing Michael Kaelin for the Wilton Board of Finance. Shortly after his family moved to Wilton, he became an active member of our community and volunteered for several organizations. Elected to the Board of the Wilton Library in 2006, he was its president from 2012 to 2014. On the Wilton Charter Commission in 2008-2009, he gained a thorough understanding of how our Town Meeting government works well for Wilton. He was on the Board of Selectmen 2014-2018. Michael has the experience and leadership skills to serve the town well on the Board of Finance.

Bob Russell

A new perspective is needed on our Board of Finance. Jung-Soo Kim’s Wilton connections run deep. Her husband was raised here, and her in-laws retired in town. She has three boys in the public schools, and understands the needs and priorities of those with children, and those without. Her diverse educational and professional experiences have prepared her to help guide the BOF to the desired result — a fiscally prudent budget that invests in Wilton, meeting the needs of Wilton’s diverse constituencies. Please vote for Jung-Soo Kim for BOF.

Heather L. Wilcauskas

Planning and Zoning Commission

With our planner of 18 years leaving as P&Z begins to implement our new Plan of Conservation and Development, Florence Johnson is a uniquely qualified candidate for Wilton’s Planning and Zoning Commission. She grew up in Wilton and raised her two daughters here. In addition, her education and employment are both relevant to the mission of our P&Z. As a Wilton resident for 54 years, I urge you to join me in voting for Florence Johnson to join our Planning and Zoning Commission.

Barbara B. Holdridge