David Moyer of Wilton was welcomed to Hartford by state Reps. Gail Lavielle (R-Wilton) and Tom O’Dea (R-New Canaan) and state Sen. Will Haskell (D-Westport) where he delivered testimony before the Transportation Committee in favor of HB 6973, An Act Concerning the Display of Number Plates at the Front of Certain Motor Vehicles. He testified Feb. 13 in favor of the bill that would exempt motor vehicles without a designated place and mounting hardware for a front license plate from the requirement that cars have two license plates on display.
Lavielle introduced the bill at the request of Moyer, who owns an antique car. O’Dea and Haskell signed on as co-sponsors.
“Across the state there are thousands of owners of antique cars and other vehicles that were not built to accommodate front license plates,” Lavielle said. “They neither want to damage the appearance of their cars nor to break the law. These vehicles are treasures and should not be kept off the road simply because they were designed prior to the two-license-plate rule. I thank David Moyer for proposing the idea for this bill, which provides a possible approach to resolving the issue.”