Wilton dog of the month club

It’s part beauty contest, part tug of the heartstrings. It’s Fidelco’s annual contest to see which dogs will grace the pages of its 2020 calendar. There are 35 dogs vying for the 12 winning spots and one centerfold.

Voting takes place through Monday, Sept. 2. Voters may choose their favorite dog for a donation of $1 each. Indecisive voters may support all the dogs for a $35 donation.

Unlike November’s ballot, people may vote as many times as they like to give their favorite a leg up on the competition.

To vote, visit https://bit.ly/33XLfEd.

Next year will be the 60th anniversary of Fidelco, the nonprofit organization that breeds and trains German shepherd dogs to be guide dogs to help the blind and visually impaired lead independent lives. These dogs are chosen for their intelligence, temperament, stamina and stability.

Fidelco maintains a breeding facility in Bloomfield and offices and training facility in Wilton.

Information: fidelco.org.