WILTON — A pug named Jellybean has been missing from her Wilton home since June 29. Her owner, Logan Schneider, is concerned she may have been picked up by someone and is asking residents to keep an eye out for the 9-year-old dog.

Jellybean is tan with seasonal blackening on her paws from allergies. She weighs 13 pounds, is partially blind and needs medication.

She was last seen around 1 p.m. in her owner’s driveway on Pelham Lane.

“She has never left our property alone. Everyone down our street knows who she is, yet no one saw her leave the property,” Schneider said.

Jellybean’s family, as well as many volunteers, have searched through all forest and shrubbery within a one- to two-mile radius of her home with no sign of her. They doubt she is still out alone and believe she may have been taken in.

Schneider is asking people to check under their porch and in their sheds and garages. Anyone with a security camera or doorbell is asked to check recordings back to June 29.

“Her partner in crime (our other dog), Molly, misses her dearly and is waiting for her return,” Schneider said. “She waits by the door and refuses to eat. They have never been separated more than a night. Molly has a heart condition which has only seemed to worsen since Jellybean has disappeared. Her breathing is hard to control and she is visibly heartbroken.”

Anyone with information about Jellybean may reach Schneider at 203-984-7322.