WILTON — Families who have sons or daughters interested in Cub Scouts are invited to a COVID-compliant outdoor Cub Adventure Camp on Saturday, Oct. 24, from 4 to 6 p.m., at Hoyt Scout Reservation in West Redding.

Girls and boys in kindergarten through fifth grade will have the opportunity to guess the weight of some huge, oddly shaped gourds, build Estes rockets, make percussion instruments, test their hiking safety skills and even try their hand at the niche forest sport known as “primitive golf.”

“We’re thrilled to have so many young girls and boys show interest in Wilton’s Scouting programs,” Assistant District Commissioner Ryan Thompson said. “The pandemic has caused so many go-to sports and other afterschool activities to reconsider how they operate, if they can even exist at all. Fortunately, Scouting’s strong sense of community involvement, coupled with the active, outdoor, family-oriented adventure we offer, is a really appealing option for families looking for something new to try in their community right now.”

Guests at this Saturday’s Cub Adventure Camp are welcome to stay for the evening campfire program, where scouts will use their percussion instruments made earlier in the day to create a record-breaking drum circle. Stories will be told, skits will be shared and special musical guests will energize the evening from a safe distance.

The 174-acre Hoyt Reservation is 10 minutes from North Wilton at 3 Marchant Road in West Redding. For information, email wiltonscoutinginfo@gmail.com.