WILTON — The coronavirus count in Wilton is up from 164 to 180. Statewide, there are 33,554, or 570 new laboratory-confirmed cases, with 13,236 in Fairfield County. There are 300 cases not yet assigned to a municipality.

The number of deaths in the state has risen to 2,967. Loss of life in Wilton remains at 31. The number of cases currently hospitalized in the state has decreased by 59 patients. Hospitalization statewide is 1,242, with 403 in Fairfield County.

The reason for the increase of coronavirus cases in Wilton is due to more testing being done in nursing homes, according to First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice. The state, which regulates and oversees nursing homes, has begun testing all nursing home patients and employees.

Wilton’s sole nursing home, Wilton Meadows, began testing patients and staff last week. Those numbers are starting to come in. As a result, a number of Wilton Meadows residents with no symptoms have tested positive. Wilton Meadows separates positive patients from those with no symptoms.


Vanderslice answered the following questions in a message on the town’s website:

Is participation in contact tracing mandatory? What happens to the information provided?

Residents, who test positive are not required to provide information to allow for contact tracing. Participation is voluntary. The Health Department does not inappropriately pressure patients. Contact tracing is performed by the town’s Health Department by individuals with the appropriate health backgrounds. School nurses are currently assisting the department. Information received as to a resident’s health status is confidential and protected by HIPPA laws.

If direct contacts are provided by the positive resident, those individuals are contacted and told they may have been exposed and advised. The information remains with Wilton’s Health Department.

There isn’t a universal computer-based system used by Connecticut municipalities to facilitate contact tracing. The state engaged Microsoft to develop the system. That system is currently being tested by 20 municipalities. Wilton is not one of these municipalities, as such our health director has not assessed the system.

What town recreation facilities are open? When will closed facilities be opened?

All town-owned trails and open spaces managed by the Conservation Commission have been and continue to be open.

Limited family play at the tennis courts at Wilton High School and Route 7 is available by registration through e-Trak.

We anticipate offering limited family use of the Stadium Track this week, again by registration through e-Trak. We anticipate offering limited family use of the Stadium turf field and the softball and baseball fields within the next two weeks, also by registration.

As with the tennis courts, rules will be published to ensure compliance with the Governor’s executive orders. Parks and Recreation staff is reviewing recommendations by various national and state sports organizations.

To help put this in context, the following is an excerpt from recommendations issued by the US Olympic Committee for Olympic athletes returning to training: “Participants should use their own equipment and avoid touching each other with their hands. If a ball is being used (e.g., basketball), make sure only one player is using a specific region of the court and/or basket at a time, and the court in that region needs to be cleaned before another player uses the ball in that space to prevent indirect transmission from ball 1 to ground and from ground to ball.”