WILTON — The coronavirus count in Wilton remains at 200 for the second straight day. Statewide, there are 38,116, or 697 new laboratory-confirmed cases, with 14,248 in Fairfield County. There are 236 cases not yet assigned to a municipality.

The number of deaths in the state currently stands at 3,449. The last reported death count for Wilton was 31. The Wilton Town Clerk is waiting to receive the required report and certificates from Norwalk and other municipalities to update that information.

The number of cases currently hospitalized in the state has decreased by 17 patients. Hospitalization statewide is 920, with 287 in Fairfield County.

In a message on the town’s website, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice said residents have been asking when particular facilities or activities will be available.

“Although we don’t have information from the state about what will be allowed and when throughout Phases 2 through 4, the following might be a useful way to look at things,” she said.

Those facilities, which naturally have many touch points and those activities, which require close contact or touching, are those that are likely to only be allowed in the later phases. Playgrounds are one example of a recreational facility likely to be opened later in the process.

As far as the size of allowable sport and leisure gatherings, Phase 1 is restricted to no more than five persons. Phase 2 is expected to allow more, as 10 campers and 10 summer school students are being allowed in a group during Phase 2.

Will more than 10 be allowed to gather in Phase 2? We don’t know, she said, but Phase 2, if it begins on June 20 will be in effect until at least July 20.

Vanderslice reminded people walking on trails with dogs, that dogs are allowed on leash only at Schenck’s Island, the Town Forest, Cherry Lane Park and the Norwalk River Valley Trail. “There have been ongoing problems with unleashed dogs at the Town Forest. This should clarify any confusion on the part of residents,” she said.

She also commended Cider Mill School fourth graders, Olivia and Ria, who placed hand-painted rocks with inspirational messages, along with flowers, outside Police, Fire and WVAC headquarters as part of their ‘Let Grow’ project.