Wilton candidate statement: Savet Constantine, Board of Education

Savet Constantine

Savet Constantine

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Our town is defined by its number-one asset — our public schools. It is a core reason people choose to move to Wilton. We need to invest smartly in our schools, to achieve the entwined goals of providing the highest educational experience for our children and sustained, prosperous economic security for our town. Achieving these goals requires an expansive knowledge of how the schools work — from the classroom to the administration offices, and from the perspective of educators, parents, and most importantly, the students.

Education has always been a driving force in my life. This was instilled by my father, who came to the U.S. from post-war Greece with $50 in his shoe and used education (and his wits) to get ahead in life. This has fed my passion to support our schools and is why I have volunteered in the schools over the past 15 years, including as PTA president at Middlebrook and Wilton High School.

Through years of working with parents, teachers and administrators in the Wilton Public Schools, I understand how our school system works, and needs to perform. I know the critical issues of how our schools impact the town budget, the social and emotional issues children face, the role of technology, and, yes, how the quality of our schools tie into real estate values.

The last budgets created a fiscally leaner school system without compromising our educational goals. Going forward we need board members who will dive into the budget to ensure it efficiently and effectively delivers what this town needs. We need board members who understand that educational priorities change as the world and workplace change. We need our educational system to prepare students for the world and work of tomorrow.

I am running for Board of Education to ensure: 1) Our schools provide an education that enables all children to succeed, and 2) Our top-performing school district continues to attract new families. My experience as a parent and volunteer gives me a distinct advantage with knowledge of our school system and how programs fit district goals. As a taxpayer, I support a balance between protecting our town’s main asset and a sustainable fiscal approach for the town. As a member of the Board of Education, I will continue to engage with the community in order to keep our district strong and continue to excel in the future.