Wilton candidate statement: Jennifer Lalor, Board of Education

Jennifer Lalor

Jennifer Lalor

Contributed photo / JenniferLalor

My perspective and interest in the Wilton Board of Education are those of a working mother of two children in the Wilton schools and an educator with 20 years of experience helping children, including those with IEPs and special needs.

Like many others in Wilton, the most important factor in my family’s decision to move here was our schools. I want to be part of the BOE because I believe we must actively safeguard and advocate for Wilton schools and for all stakeholders, starting with each and every student, along with educators, parents, and taxpayers.

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with all BOE members and other town boards. Most importantly, I believe being an effective advocate starts with hearing from the individuals in the community and learning from them. My personal opinions and perspectives are just one among many.

One of my main priorities as a member of the BOE is to create new and enhanced opportunities for everyone in Wilton to take part in what the BOE is doing and its decision-making. It is always great to interact with people in town who care about our schools and who can offer valuable perspectives, both personal and professional. The BOE’s actions should reflect all these voices, and I believe there are simple, cost-effective ways to make this happen.

We all know that setting priorities can create difficulties and conflict, especially as statewide fiscal problems come knocking at Wilton’s door. Navigating those situations effectively can happen when our community works together. Wilton’s prominent role in fighting forced regionalization is a perfect example. I am proud we put our children first and came together as a community regardless of political affiliation and got the job done.

In the past weeks, I’ve talked to many people about their concerns, ranging from screen time and summer access to textbooks to enhancing STEM opportunities, enrichment and special needs, curriculum, homework, and wellness. People shared concerns about forced regionalization, home values, taxes, and the impact of other policies coming from Hartford.

The common thread I see is a genuine concern for Wilton students, positive educational outcomes, and safeguarding our schools.

There is almost always room for disagreement when it comes to issues affecting our schools. My promise is that as a BOE member, I will do what is necessary for everyone in Wilton to have meaningful opportunities to be heard and be involved.