Wilton Warrior Words: Camera roll

Zachary Sherman

Zachary Sherman

Hearst Connecticut Media

A picture paints a thousand words. As we enter a new decade, I find this idiom to be especially true. We are constantly posting Snapchat stories and Instagram photos chronicling each moment of our lives digitally. Some are the huge triumphs we are proud of and some are just mundane. Each image brings with it a memory through which I can see myself transform over time.

As school takes up an immense amount of our life, it is only logical that I can see how I have grown and changed in my four years at Wilton High School through my camera roll. One example is the pictures and videos I have from Mock Trial ranging from my freshman year team that made States to those taken just last month. Aside from being taller and finally filling out my suit, I no longer see a little high school freshman but rather a confident and outgoing high school senior.

Outside of school, some of my favorite memories are captured in my New York City pictures. I look back and see photos with my friends and remember how great it felt the first time I was allowed to take the train into the city and stay out late. I have photos from different sporting events, late-night show tapings, and concerts all over the city. Now, I can’t believe it was ever a big deal getting back to the Westport train station at 1 a.m.

If I am writing an article about digitally changing over time, I must include a section about the one thing that means the most to me: my family. I know it’s a shocker to some that it is not my beloved Brooklyn Nets, but my family means the most to me in the world. Even though I was often annoyed at all the pictures my mom would make us take, I am now happy for the enormous amount we have. Between sporting events with my dad, historical landmarks with my mom, countless pictures of my sister and I, years of professional photo shoots at the mall, every family holiday and vacation, our home is filled with a plethora of family memories. Some I can recall vividly like the wall that pays tribute to my bar mitzvah in Jerusalem. Others not so much, but I indulge my mom as she retells a story to me.

Many photos on my camera roll and social media are from my six summers spent at Camp Tevya in New Hampshire surrounded by some of my best friends. I have tons of photos ranging from whitewater rafting to Canobie Lake Amusement Park and as fun as those trips were, my favorite photos are of us hanging out in the bunk playing cards, goofing around, and just being kids. These friendships exist outside of camp. As recent as this New Year’s Eve, we all met up in Boston to ring in this new decade and took pictures to make sure we remember this night decades from now.

Each year, many new photos and videos will appear in my camera roll, on my Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. As I enter my final semester as a Wilton High School student, I am looking forward to documenting more memories on my camera roll. In reality, some will interest me years from now. Some probably won’t. Either way, they document my life past, present, and future.

Zachary Sherman is a senior at Wilton High School.

He shares this column with three classmates.