Wilton Sport and Fitness adds Pinnacle gym

A new center has opened at Wilton Sport and Fitness at 644 Danbury Road — and the centerpiece is kettlebell training.

"Kettlebells are the hot new tools in fitness," said Shelley Kaiser, a trainer at the newly opened Pinnacle Health and Fitness. "Kettlebells can provide excellent workouts. ... Here, it's never the same old thing."

Ms. Kaiser also described the new gym as "family friendly." Built in the walls at Pinnacle are windows into Wilton Sport and Fitness turf fields, so "parents can keep an eye on their kids playing soccer while they get a workout," Ms. Kaiser said.

Along with kettlebells of various weights, Pinnacle offers a range of equipment, including such standards as recumbent bikes and free weights, but also "sand bags, balls and ropes," Ms. Kaiser said. "We offer private, semi-private fitness training."

Programs are tailored to individuals "because everyone is different," she said. "We are not a cookie-cutter gym. ... Whether you want to perform better at your favorite sport, control your weight, improve your strength, or simply look and feel better, we can design a program that's right for you."

"We want you to feel good, and healthy."

Ms. Kaiser described Pinnacle, which also has a location in Westport, as a "full-service boutique fitness center."

All the trainers have more than 10 years of experience, said Ms. Kaiser.

Trainer Yuri Petunov is a noted kettlebell instructor — a sport that began in his native Soviet Union, where kettlebells were originally counterweights on scales in farmers' markets. "They evolved into a way to get fit," said Mr. Petunov, who also was also a prize-winning body builder. "It's a very old tradition that has been around for hundreds of years."

Recently, kettlebell training has risen in popularity throughout the United States.

"You are seeing kettlebell training in more and more gyms now," he said.

Mr. Petunov said kettlebell programs are used to train athletes in the Soviet Union and now in the United States, and anyone can use them to promote overall health. The different weights of the kettlebells, and different kind of repetitions and exercises, are adaptable to anyone, he said.

"It can help you lose weight, strengthen your core, improve cardio, coordination, increase your energy level," Mr. Petunov said. "In just two weeks, you can get phenomenal results."

Pinnacle offers a Kettlebell Fitness Camp beginning Oct. 22, along with other sports and fitness programs such as an onging lacrosse conditioning program.

"We would very much like to become an important part of the Wilton community and get the word out about what we have to offer," Ms. Kaiser said. "We're more than just another gym."

Information: wiltonsportandfitness.com/pinnacle-fitness or 203-529-3900.