Wilton Selectmen's race - four vie for seats on board

There are four candidates running for Board of Selectmen: incumbent Republican Joshua Cole, incument Unaffiliated David Clune, and Democrats Ceci Maher and Ross Tartell.

In profiles published in this week’s Bulletin, Cole asserted that among other things, he would like to represent parents with young families. “That population segment is underrepresented on the board,” he said.

He believes the top issues facing the town are taxes, development and amenities. Read the full story here.

Having grown up here, Wilton is truly David Clune’s hometown. One of the veteran selectman’s main contributions during his tenure has been setting up the nonprofit Wilton Athletic and Recreation Foundation which has raised money through sponsorship banners at the high school’s fields. Among his concerns are state finances as they affect Wilton and shared services within Wilton and with other towns. Read the full story here.

Ceci Maher, now a member of the Board of Finance, would like to serve as a selectperson to help Wilton define its future through economic growth, mutual cooperation, and ongoing support of the schools and nonprofits. These, she said, are “the cornerstones of our community.” Read the full story here.

Ross Tartell believes taking a positive point of view toward the issues facing Wilton through its “enormous assets” of strong schools, financial strength and engaged people will lead to “a future that is phenomenal.” Read the full story here.