The Row “B” GOP slate comprises an unusually experienced group of individuals who have no agenda other than to serve Wilton’s best interests.

Statewide, towns like Wilton have faced serial challenges to schools, grand lists, preservation and development priorities, and budgeting. It has been Wilton’s good fortune that Lynne Vanderslice has led with executive acumen and an indefatigable, team approach. At the Board of Selectmen, Josh Cole has added exceptional value as a reasoned, incisive commercial real estate attorney along with his perspective as the father of two children starting in Wilton schools.

Lynne’s and Josh’s persistence in bridging divides and elevating Wilton above politics has benefited everyone in Wilton. The results are compelling: despite the difficult statewide environment, Lynne and Josh have kept promises and delivered creative solutions and high-potential grand list opportunities while safeguarding our schools and achieving productivity and results.

Wilton needs more of this.

The Board of Finance and Board of Education have striven to balance responsibly the needs of Wilton’s outstanding public schools with those of taxpayers, retirees, and business owners who are feeling constant squeeze of taxes and costs from Hartford. Both Peter Balderston and Warren Serenbetz bring proven records of dedication and service to Wilton, along with essential finance and business smarts.

For Board of Education, Jennifer Lalor and Mandi Schmauch — both working mothers of young children in Wilton schools — bring dynamic, forward-looking ideas that will enhance educational outcomes for all Wilton students. Jennifer’s 20 years in education, including special education, and Mandi’s outstanding professional record, together with their admirable volunteer service in Wilton schools and elsewhere, provide needed perspectives.

The Row “B” Planning & Zoning slate includes three incumbents — Rick Tomasetti, Melissa Rotini and Matthew Murphy, along with Jill Warren and Jake Bittner. P&Z serves as “gatekeeper” for development projects and requires careful attention, deliberation, and transparency. Wilton’s “grand list,” its development “pipeline,” and the critical, recently completed 10-year POCD are now on the right track, and these candidates will continue such progress.

Libby Bufano, Anthony Cenatiempo, and Monty Du for Zoning Board of Appeals, along with Gerald Holdridge for ZBA Alternate and Dan Falta for Board of Assessment Appeals are fine candidates with the right qualifications.

The Row “B” slate includes Republicans and unaffiliated individuals, parents, retirees, immigrants, empty-nesters, educators, working mothers, lawyers, other professionals and recent college graduates, and names both familiar and new. What defines the group, however, is collaboration that puts Wilton’s interests first.