Wilton Quizbowl team to ‘challenge’ high school staff

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone — a common aphorism that will be put to the test on Tuesday, Dec. 11th from 3:30 to 4:30 at Wilton High School in the Little Theater.

The Wilton High School Challenge team, comprised of Jack Jankowski, Molly Hoch, Peter Jensen, Brian Wei, Alex Bendix and Jeremy Brewer will take on six members of the high school's staff — Mr. Gawle, Mr. Sheridan, Mr. Sanzo, Ms. Tanzman, Mr. Guevara and Mr. Stack — in a full version of the quiz bowl known as "The Challenge."

The contestants will answer questions from a variety of categories ranging from your usual school subjects such as math and science to those resembling trivia such as pop culture and historical instances. This mock-event will act as a practice round for our "Challenge" team as they prepare to delve into the rigorous rounds of statewide play.

Tickets for this event will be $5 and proceeds will go to the class of 2014.