Wilton Police commissioners recently discussed several dangerous and inconvenient driving issues around town and plans the department has underway.

Officials said at Police Commission meeting that there have been several occasions in which drivers have failed to stop for school buses with flashing stop signs extended.

The Police Commission is in the process of ordering a speed sign, which may be posted along Wolfpit Road, where the average speed was determined to be 37 miles-an-hour westbound and 36-miles-an-hour eastbound.

The department placed the sign a few hundred yards before the nearby school zone so drivers have ample time to slow down, but not too much that the cautionary impact of the sign wears off.

Commissioners reached a general agreement to place the sign on the westbound side of Wolfpit Road, in an area that will provide adequate sunlight to activate the solar paneled power source, and the commission tabled the issue to a vote at the next meting.

Officers will determine if there are roads in more dire need of speed warnings and will confirm cooperation from the Department of Transportation before placing an order.

There is also a security concern since a street sign in Redding, which is valued at roughly the same price Wilton Police are looking to buy a new one at, has recently gone missing. The Redding sign, according to Redding police, cost $4,700, but was equipped with a GPS locating device.

Mr. Sauvigné observed there is also a hazard of many backroad traffic signs being obscured by trees and brush, and said the Department of Public Works should clear interfering growth.

Police also intend to postpone to next month last weekend's intended sobriety checkpoint, which was canceled due to inclement weather.