Wilton Library launches new digital signage to communicate, and connect with communitytechnology project funded by grant from the Wilton Kiwanis Club

The Wilton Library has announced the launch of new digital signage that is placed throughout the building and that will be used to communicate and connect with the community.

The digital signs will showcase and promote the library’s programs, resources and services, while providing real-time, up to the minute information for all library patrons, visitors, program attendees and the entire Wilton community.

The project was funded by a $16,000 grant from the Wilton Kiwanis Club.

“We deeply appreciate the generosity of Wilton Kiwanis Club for funding this important initiative,” the Wilton Library’s Retired Executive Director Elaine Tai-Lauria said of the grant. “Truthfully, I have wanted to implement this project for a long time and I am absolutely thrilled that it has finally come to fruition, thanks to the Club’s support.”

The now-retired library director said that the “digital signs are a fresh, engaging and contemporary way to inform our patrons and visitors of all of the wonderful things that the library has to offer.”

“Being able to promote our excellent programs, resources and services in this way will broaden our reach to a wider audience and therefore augment our ability to efficiently provide information to our community,” Tai-Lauria said.

“As the longest established service club in our town, the Wilton Kiwanis Club has a legacy of providing service and supporting community organizations since the early 1950s,” past Wilton Kiwanis Club President Greg Chann said.

Chann led the funding effort.

“Most recently, our successful annual fundraising with the Pumpkin Patch and the Citrus Sale has allowed us not only to fulfill many grant requests, but engage in a newer initiative of supporting a yearly signature community building project in town. We are most pleased that this year we have been able to fully underwrite Wilton Library’s Digital Signage project,” Chann said.

At the Wilton Kiwanis Club’s invitation, the Wilton Library recently submitted a grant request proposal that outlined the need for digital signage, a budget plan and implementation timeline.

The library emphasized its goal to use digital signage to deliver timely and relevant messaging efficiently and maximize awareness of its offerings through increased visibility.

Another goal was to replace paper-based bulletin boards throughout the library and employ an environmentally friendly “greener” solution that minimizes the use of paper for publicity.

The library plans to install five new digital signs in total, to be strategically placed throughout the building. They will be located at the library’s Circulation Desk, in the Children’s Library, in the library’s Teen Services area, near the library’s Adult Reference desk, and by the front entrance of the library.

The library was also previously able to purchase a sixth free standing mobile monitor, thanks to the Kiwanis grant.

The Wilton Library’s Technology Manager Thomas Kozak is currently working with the library’s Building Operations team to install the monitors.

“One of the things I love about Wilton Library is being able to re-examine how to best serve the community and find new solutions that take advantage of up-to-date technology,” Kozak said. “These high-quality displays will really improve the experience of visiting the library - making it easier for patrons to get timely information about library programs, resources, and other news in a visually compelling way. I've been working closely with our Marketing Communications Manager to create content for the launch, and the signage platform will really streamline our ability to deliver messaging as well.”

Kozak said that the entire team is excited about the project and “extremely grateful to Wilton Kiwanis Club for making it possible.”

The Wilton Library is located at 137 Old Ridgefield Road in Wilton.

For more information, visit www.wiltonlibrary.org, or call 203-762-3950.