Wilton Library book sale returns bigger and better

Thanks to an unexpected number of donations this summer, Wilton Library’s fall book sale returns bigger and better than ever on Friday, Sept. 19.

Once known as the “Tots to Teens Book Sale,” this year’s “Awesome Autumn Book Sale” will be jam-packed with books, CDs, DVDs and audio-books for people of all ages and interests.

“Because we have had such wonderful, pristine donations in such large quantities, we’re opening up the entire book cellar, which we don’t normally do in the fall,” said Janet Crystal, the library’s marketing communications manager.

“We usually reserve the cellar just for the annual sale in April, but we thought we would just take the opportunity since we have so many books.”

Before becoming the Awesome Autumn Book Sale, Wilton Library’s Tots to Teens sale took place in the library’s Brubeck Room.

“There would be cardboard books for the kids and chapter books and pictures books, and series books for the teens,” said Ms. Crystal.

“We realized that we were getting such an influx of wonderful donations over the summer and our basement was filling up so rapidly, so we decided to open up the full array of categories, and that’s when we renamed it to the Awesome Autumn Book Sale.”

Another difference between prior fall book sales and this year’s, said Ms. Crystal, is the timing.

“We used to do it in December — like the first weekend of December — and I can’t tell you how many of those weekends we ran into storms,” she said.

“So, we started inching the sale back up to clearer weather and we’ve sort of settled on September.”

Although the actual number of donated books in this year’s book sale is “really hard to know,” said Ms. Crystal, the genres are “across the board.”

“We have cooking books, we have garden books, we have wonderful art books, we have history books. We also have a great category of self-help books. We really do cover the gamut,” she said, “and we are grateful to the community for the “wonderful condition in which the books come to us.”

Ms. Crystal said a dedicated group of volunteers comes to the library every Monday and Thursday to prepare for its book sales.

“The book sale volunteers toil all year long to make sure everything is categorized, sorted and put in all the right places,” said Ms. Crystal.

Ms. Crystal said the library has close to 200 volunteers who help with book sales.

“When we actually do one of these book sales, we have lots of people on hand to organize the books as the sale happens, and to be cashiers,” she said.

“It’s a very, very steady, tried and true group of people who come in and actually make this happen, and it’s such a benefit to the library. It’s such a big part of our fund raising.”

The three-day Awesome Autumn Book Sale begins Friday, Sept. 19, at noon, and Ms. Crystal said the “early people get the best choice.”

“We get hundreds of people coming through each year, and we really expect this to be a great weekend,” said Ms. Crystal.

“We heard that it’s going to be a tough winter, so this is probably the time to stock up.”

The Awesome Autumn Book Sale will be open during normal library hours, with items at half price on Sunday, Sept. 21.

Information: wiltonlibrary.org, 203-762-3950.