Wilton High School presents Alice in Wonderland

Bryan Haeffele photos
The whimsical tale of a girl’s bizarre adventures after disappearing down a rabbit hole comes to the Wilton High School Little Theater stage Thursday, Nov. 10, when the theater department presents Alice in Wonderland.

“This show is unlike any other we've done because of the really interesting technical aspects,” said senior and Little Theater Company President Brooke Amodei, who plays Humpty Dumpty in this year’s fall play.

“We will be using blacklight effects, people incorporated into the set, and more.”

Brooke said directors Chris Kozlowski and Meredith Walker have also added “an interesting aspect” to the story that “keeps the tale classic, but adds a modern twist.”

The twist, Walker said, is that Wilton High School’s Alice will be “a modern day girl.”

“When Chris and I were first talking about this production, he brought up the idea that if Alice were a modern-day girl, she would have grown up with the iPhone,” said Walker.

“She doesn't need to really know anything because any piece of information she could possibly require is right at her fingertips, and she never has to be bored — all the music, TV and movies are all in her pocket.”

This, Walker said, led to the question: “What if Alice looked up from her phone, for just a second?”

“What if her phone stopped working, and she had to grapple with her own thoughts, and her own imagination?” she asked. “That is the idea and those are the questions that we are playing with in our version.”

Brooke said Alice in Wonderland has been “exceedingly fun to put on.”

“There’s so much that’s up to interpretation,” she said, and the 39-student cast has "interpreted the story in their own fresh and exciting ways.”

Walker said her favorite part about putting the show together has been “watching all of these kids really come into their own.”

“They have all worked very hard to create zany, kooky, honest Wonderland characters,” she said. “Seeing them create these intricate, nuanced characters is every director's dream.”

The show is full of outlandish characters, absurd situations and imagination, with the following students playing some of the lead roles:

  • Alice: Ella Kinnersley, junior.

  • Caterpillar: Sibhi Kumaran, Lydia Hoffman and Katherine Barbour, juniors.

  • Cheshire Cat: Madelyn Hand, Carolyn Yee and Skyler Addison, seniors.

  • Mad Hatter: Ben Senneff, senior.

  • Queen of Hearts: Jamie Feidner, junior.

  • Tweedledee: Rachel Strazza, junior.

  • Tweedledum: Julia Foodman, senior.

  • White Rabbit: Michael Ferrigno, senior.

Audience members will meet these and other fantastical characters as Alice tries to make her way home through Wonderland.

“We hope everyone will come down the rabbit hole with us,” said Brooke.

Performance times are:

  • Thursday, Nov. 10, at 7:30 p.m.

  • Friday, Nov. 11, at 8 p.m.

  • Saturday, Nov. 12, at 1 and 5 p.m.

For tickets, call 834-4844 or email whstix@wiltonps.org .