Wilton Health Department reports restaurant scores

Alison Danvers serves up a cup of raspberry sorbet at Gofer Ice Cream Shop.

Alison Danvers serves up a cup of raspberry sorbet at Gofer Ice Cream Shop.

Patricia Gay/Hearst Connecticut

The Wilton Health Department reported the following inspection scores for Wilton food establishments for the second quarter of 2019-20:

Class III establishments

(Cook-and-serve operations such as diners, delicatessens, cafeterias, daycare centers, itinerant food vendors and fast-food operations.)

Aramark, 99

Aranci 67, 100

ASML Lithography, 100

Bangkok Republic, 90

Bianco Rosso, 95

Boston Market, 100

Cactus Rose Cantina, 100

Caraluzzi’s, 92

Common Fund, 100

Corporate Dining Solution, 99

Craft Kitchen, 100

CT Coffee/Bagel, 95

Davis Marcus, 100

Diamond Deli, 97

Happy Wok, 93

Jersey Mike’s, 100

Little Pub, 92

Marly’s, 96

Molly’s Deli, 98

Naked Greens, 98

Noodle House, 96

Outback Steakhouse, 100

Parlor Pizza, 94

Pinocchio, 90

Red Rooster Pub, 97

Rolling Hills Country Club, 97

Sandwich Shoppe, 100

Starbucks Coffee, 97

Stop & Shop, 95

Subway II, 100

Teachers Insurance (location one), 100

Teachers Insurance (location two), 100

The Well, 100

Tom E Toes, 97

Toozy Patza Pizza, 75, reinspection 93

Trackside, 100

Tusk & Cup, 91

Uncle Leo’s, 77, reinspection 88

Village Luncheonette, 96

Village Market, 99

Wilton Deli, 96

Wilton Office Park, 100

Wilton Pizza, 99

Zio Pizzeria, 95

Class IV establishments

(Hot preparation of potentially hazardous foods served more than four hours after heat treatment, such as caterers, convalescent homes, hospitals, and restaurants.)

Beiersdorf Cafe, 100

Brookdale, 92

Hunan Cafe, 83

Orem’s Diner, 96

Pokeworks, 97

Reiki, 98

School of Notre Dame, 98

Sushi Avenue (Caraluzzi’s), 100

Sushi Avenue (Village Market), 100

The Greens at Cannondale, 98

Wilton Commons, 100

Wilton Meadows, 99

Class I establishments

(No preparation, cooking or hot holding of potentially hazardous foods except that commercially packaged precooked foods may be heated and served in the original package within four hours.)

Bowtie Cinema, 99

College Creamery, 100

Gigi Ice Cream, 100

Gofer Ice Cream, 100

Scoops, 100

Sweet Pierre, 100

Wilton MB Service, Inc., 98

Class II establishments

(Establishments serving cold or ready-to-eat commercially processed food requiring no further heat treatment and/or hot or cold beverages. Commercially packaged precooked foods may be heated and served.)

Dunkin Donuts, 100

Standard Petroleum (PVC Gulf), 100

Bubble and Brew, 100

Painted Cookies, 100

Wheels, 100

SoBol of Wilton, 100


Wilton High School, 100

Cider Mill School, 100

Miller-Driscoll School, 100

Middlebrook School, 100


AMDG Catering, 99

Schoolhouse of Cannondale, 86