Wilton First Selectman candidate: Deborah McFadden

Deborah McFadden

Deborah McFadden

Contributed photo / Deborah McFadden

In a town like Wilton you can’t cost cut your way to prosperity. Fiscal responsibility means not only keeping expenses down but growing revenue. In the case of Wilton, that means a new direction is needed.

The First Selectman of Wilton should be “The First Promoter” — supporting economic development and the great characteristics that make our town special. Unfortunately, during the last few years we have fallen behind our neighboring communities in promoting all the great things Wilton has to offer and, even more unfortunately, it shows.

First, we need to clarify our vision for Wilton. Through a collaborative effort, bringing together business leadership, perspectives from different age groups, and innovative thinking, we will accomplish something special that will move this town toward a higher level — one that exceeds expectations for all of its residents.

However, none of this can be achieved without a keen commitment to execution. It will be the dedication I and our fellow citizens have for this town that will ensure we take this next leap and achieve everything this town is capable of accomplishing.

Maintaining the high caliber of our schools will be essential to Wilton’s future. This will be paramount to my administration.

Of course, millennials, seniors, empty nesters, and singles all need to feel valued and included in our community as well. We have room to grow in meeting the needs of all Wiltonians.

As a current member of the Board of Selectmen I have witnessed first-hand another side of the challenges facing our town. Wilton’s aging town infrastructure has been neglected over the years. Examples that need to be addressed with a sense of urgency are the police station and the town hall campus. How can a town like Wilton have a non-compliant police station and town hall that is literally described as cramped, out of date, and with a leaky roof? This is unacceptable and we need leadership that will not only do what is right but demonstrate why and how it needs to be done.

We need to re-energize this community and work to support this town, including appropriate investments and advancements for Wilton. Together, we can build a better Wilton. A Wilton with thriving businesses, thriving citizens of all shapes and sizes, and a thriving town. Fortunately, what is needed is right in front of us. Wilton is a wonderful community — let’s ensure we allow it to reach its full potential.