Wilton Election Day turnout was among tops in state

The town of Wilton is one of the most politically engaged towns in the state, at least based on the percentage of eligible voters who cast ballots in last month's election.

According to Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, Wilton had the ninth highest voter turnout in 2012, figured as a percentage of registered voters. Wilton's turnout was 85.57%.

Ms. Merrill last week officially certified the results of the 2012 general election that took place on Nov. 6. State law requires that she, together with the state treasurer and state comptroller, must "declare what persons are elected" on the last Wednesday of the month of election.

Tops in turnout for the state was Bridgewater, with a 94.75% turnout. The only nearby town to surpass Wilton was Ridgefield, with a turnout of 89.42%.

This news did not surprise Wilton's registrars of voters.

"Wilton voters have historically turned out in high numbers for presidential elections," said Democratic registrar Carole Young-Kleinfeld. "We think it shows that they're well informed and sincerely concerned about their country's future. It's a credit to our community that, in a year when state redistricting and a devastating storm could have put a damper on Election Day turnout, that voters participated in this important election in such high numbers."

Republican registrar Tina Gardner agreed, and added that 80 or so people came in just to cast presidential ballots. There were also almost 1,500 absentee ballots cast.

Turnout for the previous three presidential elections was 88% in 2008, 89% in 2004, and 88% in 2000.

Connecticut had the seventh-highest turnout in the country with 73.77%, slightly lower than 78.14% in 2008. Tops was Minnesota with 88.62%.

Connecticut's turnout included more than 1.5 million voters who cast ballots out of just over 2 million registered voters.

"By certifying these election results, we are officially putting into the record books the final word on one of the more exciting and historic elections in the history of our state," Ms. Merrill said. "Overall, I commend the hard work done by local election administrators and poll workers to make sure the election ran as smoothly as it did."

The top 10 municipalities in Connecticut for voter turnout were:

1. Bridgewater – 94.75%

2. Middletown – 89.86%

3. Ridgefield – 89.42%

4. Washington – 88.35%

5. Woodbridge – 86.94%

6. Granby – 86.22%

7. Bolton – 86.20%

8. Roxbury – 85.92%

9. Wilton – 85.57%

10. Killingworth – 85.35%.

Ms. Merrill has launched a voter feedback line and is asking voters for their impressions of elections in Connecticut by email to vote@ct.gov.