Members of the Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps were tested on their maternity skills when they were called on to deliver a baby in the back of an ambulance on Saturday, Sept. 7.

Wilton EMS crew responded to a call shortly before 2 p.m., according to the crew’s Facebook page, where they found a 26-year-old woman, who was eighth months along in her pregnancy, in labor.

Wilton Police and Wilton Fire Department were on the scene, while the EMS basic life support crew called for a paramedic to intercept.

The crew tended to the woman and delivered a girl in the back of the ambulance, just a few yards from the woman’s home, according to Facebook.

The baby and mom were taken directly to maternity at Norwalk Hospital.

Members of WVAC assisting with the delivery were EMT crew chief Owen Willbee, EMTs Nick Bafundo and Ron Hitter and Norwalk Hospital paramedic Joe Kearny.