Wilton Democrats name committee members

Tom Dubin

Tom Dubin

Contributed photo / Wilton DTC

WILTON — At its caucus on Jan. 14, the Wilton Democratic Town Committee endorsed 35 new and returning members by unanimous voice vote.

“This will be the largest and most dynamic DTC in memory,” said chairman Tom Dubin. “The new group retains the experience and wisdom of several members who have guided us for many years, and we are adding several new members who bring a new energy and broader connections within Wilton. We look forward to the November 2020 elections.”

The members, who will be seated in March, are Michele Bennett, Stephen Blinder, Savet Constantine, Richard Creeth, Keith Denning, Ruth DeLuca, Tom Dubin, Max Fanwick, Michele Ferguson Nichols, Ken Hoffman, Leslie Holmes, Florence Johnson, John Kalamarides, Sunila Kapur, Jim Kapustka, Jung Soo Kim, Charlie Lewis, Joe Magnano, Ceci Maher, and Alison Mark.

Also endorsed were David Marks, Deborah McFadden, Jeffrey Miller, Ann Nunes, Elizabeth O’Connell, Lori Paulson, Ernie Ricco, Jane Rinard, Vicki Rossi, Bob Sabo, Melissa Spohn, Peter Squitieri, Ross Tartell, Hermon Telyan, and Daniel Troph.

At the meeting that preceded the caucus, Dubin was presented with a certificate from U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal; a citation from the Connecticut General Assembly, introduced by Senator Will Haskell; and letters from Congressman Jim Himes and U.S. Senator Chris Murphy. Each recognized the growth of registered Democrats in Wilton, which recently exceeded the number of registered Republicans. Unaffiliated voters remain in the clear majority.