Wilton Democrats mount postcard campaign for Georgia runoff election

WILTON — The general election may be over, but Wilton Democrats, like many across the nation, are closely watching the two U.S. Senate runoff races in Georgia.

They are doing more than watching, however, they are mounting a postcard-writing campaign, hoping to boost voter turnout to improve the chances of Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnok. Since no candidate in either of Georgia’s two Senate races garnered more than 50 percent of the vote, a Jan. 5 runoff will be held.

The outpouring of support by those eager to write postcards to registered Georgia Democrats has lifted the campaign to the point where 1,500 will soon be mailed out.

The effort is being organized by Wilton Democratic Town Committee Vice Chairwoman Vicki Rossi, Campaign Co-Chairwoman Melissa Spohn, E-Communications Committee Chairwoman Leslie Holmes, and Treasurer Jane Rinard.

A postcard campaign is nothing new to the DTC.

“We did postcard writing for the last election and elections in the past,” Rossi said last week when asked about the Georgia effort.

“This last election we probably did close to 2,000 postcards for Stephanie Thomas and Will Haskell, and probably 1,500 for just get out the vote.

“With the Georgia event, all of a sudden people came out and asked if we were doing it,” she said.

Rossi and her colleagues researched the best way to help and eventually contacted the Democratic state party of Georgia, and received addresses of voters.

Holmes created a non-political design, featuring a blue wave and words from “America the Beautiful.” Rossi and Spohn wrote some sample scripts people could use if they wished. The messages do not mention any policies, rather they are intended to encourage Georgians to vote in the runoff election or apply for and submit an absentee ballot.

“I got emails out of the woodwork for people wanting to help,” Rossi said, gathering the names of some 50 people so far. They came from beyond the DTC in Wilton and other towns, as well.

“During the [general] election some people wrote 200 cards,” she said. “This time, we’re giving 35 to 50 cards per person. People are incredible, they want to get involved. They’re excited.”

Rossi thought interest would wane after November, but she believes people “want to see the Senate become more stable so [President-Elect] Joe Biden can get some policies through. They don’t want the gridlock of past years.”

As of Dec. 3, 1,000 postcards had been distributed and 500 more were on order. People willing to write a personal note and sign their names range in age from 22 to 80, Rossi said.

The DTC will pay for postage and shipping.