Wilton Congregational Church marker will move back to Wolfpit Road

The stone that once marked the site of the Wilton Congregational Church’s first meeting house will be moved from its current home at Lambert Corner to a spot near its original location on Wolfpit Road.

The Wilton Congregational Church’s first meeting house was built in 1726 on Wolfpit Road near the railroad tracks and Norwalk River. Two decades later, a new church was built at Sharp Hill and Danbury roads, followed by a third and final sanctuary in 1790 at 70 Ridgefield Road.

The stone, which was moved to Lambert Corner in the 1970s, will be placed just west of the Norwalk River bridge near the railroad tracks on Wolfpit, said William Follett, Historic District & Historic Property Commission member and head of the Wilton Congregational Church Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Town historian Bob Russell, Wilton Historical Society Buildings and Grounds Vice President Chris Lavin, and Follett worked with town officials to get approval to relocate the stone, which Peter Hastings, principal of Hastings Real Estate, has offered to host on his property.

A space has been made in a stone wall on Hasting’s property, said Follett, who hopes to have a dedication ceremony once the stone is in place.

To learn more about Wilton Congregational Church, visit wiltoncongregational.org.