Wilton Commons apartments available

Six apartments are currently available in Wilton Commons (Phase One), and the waiting list for apartments at Wilton Commons senior congregate (Phase Two) has been opened.
The open apartments at Wilton Commons, which accepts tenants over the age of 62 who meet specific income criteria, are at the 50% tier, which means applicants may have an income of no more than 50% of the area median income (AMI). That limit is $46,000 for one person in a unit and $52,550 for two people in a unit.
Wilton Commons has 50 one-bedroom apartments affordable to seniors earning between 25%, 50% and 60% of the area median income. Heating and hot water are included in the rent, but the residents are responsible for their electric. Mutual Housing of Southwestern Connecticut, which manages both developments at 21 Station Road, is accepting applications for apartments in Wilton Commons for all tiers.

Congregate wait list

The waiting list for Wilton Commons senior congregate opened on Monday, Dec. 5. Apartments in this development are designated for elderly/ disabled individuals only who are 62 years of age and who meet the requirements for congregate care.
Each applicant will be interviewed and assessed to determine the person’s need for congregate care. This assessment will determine the person’s position on the waiting list.
Pre-applications are available at the office at 21 Station Road or online at mhaswct.org. In addition to meeting income requirements, which must be at or below 50% of area median income, all applicants for senior congregate housing are subject to other screening criteria including credit, criminal, sex offender, and landlord references. Additional criteria for eligibility are:

  • Physical and functional assessment of frailty.

  • Current housing conditions and living arrangements.

  • Daily living needs.

Rent is based on tenants earning 30% or 50% of area median income. The 30% income limit is $27,600 for one person, $31,530 for two. The 50% income limit is $46,000 for one person and $52,550 for two people.
Rent is $690 at the 30% income limit, $1,150 at the 50% income limit.
For more information, call property manager Dedre Devillegas at 203-6720291 or email ddevillegas@mhaswct.org.