Wilton Center trees in need of replacement

An evergreen that was previously lighted for the holidays near the town green gazebo is one of three trees in Wilton Center that need to be replaced.

The evergreen is in “poor health,” Wilton Tree Committee Chair Kate Throckmorton told The Bulletin, while the other two were removed for reasons unknown to the tree committee.

“One shade tree is missing from a landscape island to the south of Wilton Pizza,” said Throckmorton, and the other is a shade tree “missing from the landscape area near Bank of America.”

The Wilton Tree Committee is hoping to replace the trees with the help of residents through the Wilton Tree Plan’s Donate-A-Tree in Wilton program.

The plan was created for the purpose of overseeing trees, proposing new ones and taking care of them all. It is “implemented only [through] donations, without any town expenditures,” said Throckmorton.

The Donate-A-Tree program allows people to sponsor the purchase and planting of trees in Wilton Center or Merwin Meadows by donating $325 for a flowering tree or $525 for a shade tree. Each donation amount includes “the tree, planting and maintenance, as well as a marker identifying the tree and person in whose name it was given,” according to the program’s brochure.

The first step in the Wilton Tree Committee’s plan to replace the trees, said Throckmorton, is to meet with Paragon Management Group LLC, which “manages and controls all activity [on] the property,” sometime this month to get the company’s permission to plant trees.

According to the tree committee’s July 11 meeting minutes, Paragon Management has “agreed to meet with tree committee members to discuss and create a plan for replacement of the trees on the Town Green.”

Once permission is granted, Throckmorton said, the tree committee would then choose the species of trees to ensure it “meets with [the committee’s] goals.”

“The trees would then be a priority for [Donate-A-Tree program] locations in the fall and spring of 2019,” she said. “After a donation is received, the tree installation will be put out to bid for purchase and installation, using the donated funds.”

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