WILTON — All 315 fifth graders at Cider Mill School received a lawn sign congratulating them on their final year at the school.

The signs were personally delivered by their teachers on Wednesday, May 27.

“The kids were so surprised,” said Jennifer Falcone, principal at Cider Mill School, which serves grades 3-5.

“Leaving fifth grade is not as much of a milestone, but it demonstrates a time when the kids leave to go to Middlebrook School, so we wanted to find a way to celebrate them,” she said.

The fifth grade teachers delivered each sign personally to the students in their classes. “Our teachers are amazing with their love and commitment to their students,” she said.

Parents were notified ahead of time about the signs, but students were kept in the dark so they would be surprised. Falcone said she got very happy responses from the students and their parents.

Photos of students and their families with the signs are being posted on a padlet, a type of webpage for the whole class to share.

Falcone is hoping within the next couple of weeks town officials will allow a graduation procession or parade for the students as well. “We’ve been trying to think of different ways to celebrate,” she said.

“We miss our families and look forward to a more normal school year and what next year brings us,” she said.