WILTON — State Sen. Will Haskell (D-26) has announced his bid for reelection on Twitter.

In a post on Jan. 13, Haskell tweeted, “In 2018, my community took a chance on me. We believed in a better future for this state and, somehow, we won a seat in the Connecticut State Senate. So now I’m asking for the first time: Will you be one of the very first donors to my re-election campaign?”

Haskell then linked to a donation site.

Haskell, a Democrat, defeated longtime Republican incumbent Toni Boucher, who served five terms in the state senate, two years ago. At that time he ran with three priorities: gun violence, paid family leave and transportation funding.

Haskell, who is the youngest member of Connecticut’s General Assembly, serves as chair of the Higher Education & Employment Advancement Committee; vice chair of Government Administration & Elections; and is a member of the Environment, Judiciary, and Transportation committees.